From the heart of Italy, to the heart of Eixample

Freshness in each ingredient, ready processes, passion for what we do… That is the core of Barcilo.

The Italian flavor in the heart of Eixample.

Legend says that Catalunya was discovered and founded by a god from Roman mythology, but until now there had not been a stronger union between Italy and the city of Barcelona…

Constant Innovation

A concept that unifies food, art and culture. Unique formulas in the dough laboratory, always looking for a more organic, nutritious and digestible dough. Careful fermentation in detail for 48-72 hours. A tireless search for the best products, typical of Italy, imported from different regions. Traditional or gastronomic Italy, all presented under the BARCILO label.

Pizza Station

Attention to details

We carefully select all our products, 100% Italian with DOCG, but the main element is called ”fermentation”, it gives the right texture and flavor to the dough. The fermentation of our dough goes from 48hrs to 72hrs. Always with the aim of taking care of every detail in the processes and obtaining the best possible quality.

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Carrer de Valencia, 205
Barcelona 08007
Phone: +34 931 39 35 00


Carrer de Valencia, 205, 08007